The Six Healing Sounds of Qi Gong

The Six Healing Sounds of Qi Gong

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Music Composed by Yuval Ron

In this course you will meditate by invoking the healing qualities of the natural elements that govern your body and the world around you. Based on the Five Element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi-Gong and acupuncture, you will learn to use the breathing sounds and simple corresponding movements that have been utilized in Eastern theory and practice for over 2000 years. According to these theories, certain sounds correspond to specific organs, glands, emotions and energy channels of the body and mind. Together, we will draw on this knowledge to become deeply grounded to the present and find balance in our emotional and energetic bodies. Brain research has established that by actively participating while listening to healing music e.g. by repeating out loud the elemental breathing sounds and/or moving the entire body in specific movements, you can witness measurable improvements in your sense of wellbeing. This includes an increased potential for physiological healing and the capacity for greater brain functioning. Dive into this immersive experience, as you are guided to participate beyond passive listening.

Contains 10 tracks of guided meditation, one for each day

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