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  • Sally Reidman, President Reidman International College for Complementary and Integrative Medicine

    "The Triple Warmer CD made my mind very clear and I felt both relaxed and alert. Tonight I'm going to sleep with the EARTH CD and am wondering how I will feel in the morning. This is the most amazing production."

  • J. Zolli

    "A beautifully moving and artfully-composed sonic sound-scape. Yuval Ron uses this 'elemental' theme as a creative departure point to present music that heals the mind and creates deep alpha-wave brain states (the state of mind one achieves in deep meditation)This set will be perfect for any healers, bodyworkers, yogis, artists, or holders of sacred space, anyone who wishes to promote healing or in need of it themselves. This music is a perfect accompaniment for working in the studio on art. I highly recommend this work and it will make a great addition to anyone's musical library... 5.0 out of 5 stars A Deep Wholeness, a Healing Journey through Sound"

  • Dr. Debra Jan Bibel "World Music Explorer"

    "The production is first-rate. Package notes include photographs and biographical sketches of the musicians and a few scientific references. Thus, the set will provide energy, deep relaxation, and a sense of well-being. I cannot judge if it does indeed support healing. Moreover, I cannot recommend it for musical listening, but for Music Therapy, this set is certainly among the best available, and those interested in alternative medicine, naturopathic approaches, Oriental Medicine, and the New Age style may find the albums very worthwhile. [For those purchasing the sonically deficient .mp3 version, liner note healing information may be found on the mettamindfulnessmusic web site.

  • Vi An - www.youtube.com

    "Extensive and brilliant array of work..."

  • Darren Weissman, author and global teacher

    "A masterful moving musical meditation like no other. Check it out and be amazed!"

  • Dr. Debra Jan Bibel Amazon.com TOP 500 REVIEWER

    "......evocative and supports music therapy and flow... penetrating drones, pulsing breath wind, light melodic phrasing of the wind instruments, mantra vocalise, and environmental samples (birds, for instance) create atmospheres of deep calm or internal power...support yoga, tai chi, acupuncture and massage, and any slow and gentle movement."

  • Felicia Tomasko, editor in chief of LA YOGA and Find Bliss magazines and president of Bliss Network

    "A sonic vibration that is perfect as accompaniment for spiritual practice or as soothing background music. Once you press play, you'll want to listen all day."

  • Ellen White, YogiTimes.com

    Dosha music, change your life with sound healing

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  • Kirk Mann, Licensed Acupuncturist, M.Ac, NTS, Ventura, CA

    "Really exquisite healing mystical music by Yuval Ron, Jai Uttal, and many gifted artists."

  • Yogi Cameron, Yogi /Ayurvedic Practitioner

    "When using Metta Mindfulness Music you are transported inward to listen to the eternal music within you. Great for healing and meditation."

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