The Healing Powers of 40Hz Vol 4: Solo Piano for a Healthier Brain

The Healing Powers of 40Hz Vol 4: Solo Piano for a Healthier Brain

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The Healing Powers of 40hz Vol 4: Solo Piano for a Healthier Brain

Contemplative, meditative, tender, and light, Yuval Ron’s 5 new works for solo piano @ 40Hz nourish the listener’s soul, while increasing brain health, focus and concentration. Performed by acclaimed award-winning pianist Bryan Pezzone, these recordings provide the perfect piano music for study, contemplation, hospitality, and relaxation, while providing 40Hz sound vibrations via brain entrainment (binaural beats) in addition to multiple 40Hz vibrations which are embedded in the music.

40Hz tuning refers to a musical tuning at A = 427.15Hz which yields E1 to be exactly at 40Hz, the healing frequency required for 40Hz sound therapy. Based on scientific research at MIT, Stanford and other highly respected research centers, 40Hz sound therapy has been shown to improve cognitive function and reduce symptoms of chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.  Some studies have shown positive impact on focus and concentration, and even on sleep, if the 40Hz sound is utilized 3 hours before sleep.

Contains five 6 to 9-minute music tracks. Approximately 36 minutes total.

Tracks List:

  1. Loving Mind @ 40Hz
  2. Gentle Mind @ 40Hz
  3. Contemplative Mind @ 40Hz
  4. Pure Mind @ 40Hz
  5. Sleepy Mind @ 40Hz
Short Demo: Loving Mind
Short Demo: Pure Mind
Short Demo: Gentle Mind
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Listen to this album for 40 minutes a day for improved focus, concentration, memory, and inner peace. For improved sleep, listen to the music 3 hours before bed time. You may listen to the music using headphones or via speakers. For full impact of the binaural beats use headphones.

For the maximum effect of the 40hz music, high quality headphones or ear buds are recommended. Listening via speakers is acceptable, but the impact of the music will be less than from headphones.

If you use bluetooth or listen to streaming sound from online sites, the quality can be compromised and it may lower the impact of the music, because steaming sound use mp3 files which are low resolution and are lacking some of the original vibrations that is in the music.

It is additionally best is to listen to the high quality wav files, that are only available here. These hi-res WAV files are same quality as music CD quality. The wav files can be played by any computer, device or smart phone.


Music Composed by Yuval Ron

Pianist: Bryan Pezzone

Music arrangements by Yuval Ron and Leon Chen

Score preparation: Leon Chen

Piano performances recorded, November 2023, at Jiffry Music Studios, Los Angeles, Ca.
Recording Engineer: Hussain Jiffry

Programming, editing and mixing by Yuval Ron at Yuval Ron Music Studio, Los Angeles, Ca.

Additional Engineering: Nick Salerno

Album cover design: Nick Salerno

Executive Producer: Dr Richard Gold

Published by Metta Mindfulness Music

© Yuval Ron (ASCAP)
(p) (ASCAP)

About the piano soloist, Bryan Pezzone:

Over the last 35 years, Bryan Pezzone has been the foremost free-lance pianist for film and television soundtrack recording, contemporary music premieres, and chamber music in Los Angeles. Pezzone has worked with many of the premiere contemporary music conductors, including Pierre Boulez, Oliver Knussen, John Adams, Esa-Pekka Salonen, Kent Nagano, and John Williams. Pezzone is the pianist on most all of the cartoons released by Warner Brothers and Disney and was the principal pianist with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra from its inception in 1991 through 1999.
As a soloist, Pezzone has performed with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Pasadena Pops, Santa Monica Symphony, Santa Clarita Symphony, San Antonio Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, United States International University Orchestra, U.C. Irvine Symphony Orchestra, Eastman Philharmonic, and the Pacific Symphony.


“Listening to it is as if I'm listening to someone else and it's already having a centering effect on me. I love how each of the tracks sounds. I'm especially taken with the constant presence of the low 40hz drone and subtle background ambience. It's brilliant and works very, very well.
This recording is wonderful”

Bryan Pezzone, Award-winning pianist