The Healing Powers of 40hz Vol 3

The Healing Powers of 40hz Vol 3

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The Healing Powers of 40hz Vol 3 (Binaural Beats)

This album of Triple-Strength 40 Hz Music features soothing Jazz ballads composed and performed in 40 Hz tuning and includes Brain Entrainment via Binaural Beats, a technique that involves using auditory stimuli to alter brainwave activity and promote various states of consciousness.

All instruments were tuned so the fundamental bass note of the music E1 is equal to 40 Hz. Therefore, A4 (the A that is often is tuned to 440 Hz) would be at 427.7 Hz. In addition, there are several drones layers in the music that provide the vibrations of 40Hz tone and its overtones.

In order to benefit from the 40 Hz Brain Entrainment in this music, via the Binaural Beats that are embedded in the music, please listen to the music via headphones. This 40 Hz music (without the impact of the binaural beats) will also be effective and enjoyable via speakers as well.

40 Hz sound therapy is a form of neurostimulation (Brain Entrainment via Binaural Beats) that involves the use of sound waves to stimulate brain activity at a frequency of 40 Hz. Recent research has found positive impact of Jazz music on health and Brain Entrainment on:

  • Improving cognitive function in individuals with Alzheimer's disease and Dementia.
  • Reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Improved performance of healthy adults in a variety of cognitive tasks, including working memory, visual attention, and reaction time.

For studies of the benefit of Jazz on health and 40hz sound therapy for Brain Health:

Contains six 7 to 9-minute music tracks. 47 minutes total.

Short Demo: Floating Peace
Short Demo: Moonlight
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The best way to listen to the 40hz music is via any headphones or ear buds. Second best thing is to listen to the music via speakers, but the impact of the music will be lower than the full impact that you get via headphones. It does not matter which headphones you use.

If you use bluetooth or listen to streaming sound from online sites, that would lower the impact of the music, because steaming sound use mp3 files which are low rez and are lacking some of the original vibrations that is in the music.

Best is to listen to the high quality wav files, that are only available here. These hi-res WAV files are same quality as music CD quality. The wav files can be played by any computer, device or smart phone.


Musical arrangements: Yuval Ron
Additional piano arrangements by: Harry Hou

Ruslan Sirota - Piano
Adam Del Monte - Guitar
Peter Gordon – Alto Flute
Keyboards – Yuval Ron

Music preparations: Harry Hou and Zihuan Haung
Cover design: Nick Salerno
Digital editing: Zac Rosenblum
Associate Producer: Zac Rosenblum
Executive Producer: Dr. Richard Gold

© Yuval Ron Music
(p) Metta Mindfulness Music


“…I feel very grateful for your compositions. I have integrated your album The Healing Power of 40 Hertz as part of my own daily restorative practices, and also as part of treatment with my clients who suffer with anxiety, depression and chronic pain."
Penny Stopforth, Clinical Psychologist based in Cape Town, South Africa. Host of podcast series CPDPOD