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The Healing Powers of 40hz Vol 1

The Healing Powers of 40hz Vol 1

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This album may improve blood flow and energy flow in the brain, whilst reducing inflammation in the brain area. Great for relaxation, self-healing, and for calming the nervous system. Composed by Yuval Ron, produced by Dr. Richard Gold. Featuring guitar by Adam Del Monte, Gu Zheng by Cynthia Huang, and Woodwind by Charlie Adelphia.

This entire album contains binaural beats music, that entrain the brain waves frequency to modulate to Gamma waves and in particular to 40hz. The frequency of 40hz have been shown in studies in MIT to promote healing and clearing of disease inducing mass in the brain.

Research Document

Contains 3 tracks. 60-minutes total

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The best way to listen to the 40hz music is via any headphones or ear buds. Second best thing is to listen to the music via speakers, but the impact of the music will be lower than the full impact that you get via headphones. It does not matter which headphones you use.

If you use bluetooth or listen to streaming sound from online sites, that would lower the impact of the music, because steaming sound use mp3 files which are low rez and are lacking some of the original vibrations that is in the music.

Best is to listen to the high quality wav files, that are only available here. These hi-res WAV files are same quality as music CD quality. The wav files can be played by any computer, device or smart phone.


“…I feel very grateful for your compositions. I have integrated your album The Healing Power of 40 Hertz as part of my own daily restorative practices, and also as part of treatment with my clients who suffer with anxiety, depression and chronic pain."
Penny Stopforth, Clinical Psychologist based in Cape Town, South Africa. Host of podcast series CPDPOD