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Sacred Spiral
Yuval Ron featuring Úyanga Bold

With master-musicians:

Shye Ben Tzur, Pandit Nayan Ghosh, James Hood, Chugge Khan, Dennis Karmazyn, Andrew Carney, Brien Engle, Andjru Werderitsch and Kenneth Goff.

Music meditations on the “more-than-human world”; the sacred energies and elements of the inner and outer worlds. A tour de force of Úyanga Bold’s astounding voice, full of enchanting colors and deep emotions, invoking the languages of spirit and material worlds as one. Music beyond borders, styles, genres, or categories, leading the listener on a deep and moving journey within.

*A term coined by the American ecologist and philosopher David Abram, referring to a commonwealth of earthly life that includes human kind and its culture, but which also exceeds humanity. A realm in which the human world is sustained, surrounded, and permeated by the “more-than-human.”

“This music is truly stunning and healing. A breathtaking multi-colored and multidimensional journey through the sublime... May many souls benefit. The title Sacred Spiralis powerfully compelling, evoking the mystery, intelligent design, and harmony of creation.”
Úyanga Bold

“Beyond being transporting, cinematic, and meditative, this album is a breath-taking showcase of Úyanga’s amazing voice, her range of vocal expression, and spiritual depth. Her astounding vocal performances with so many colors and nuances and her ability to take my melodies to high and deep places are the wonders of this project. I am grateful to Dr. Richard Gold who initiated and supported this unique undertaking”
Yuval Ron
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We always recommend to listen to wav files via good stereo speakers or high end bluetooth stereo speaker. Dr Gold also recommends to listen to healing music via both stereo speakers and headphones at the same time for optimal amount of sound vibrations affecting the body and mind.


Tracks List:

1. Ethereal Voyage
2. Voice of Freedom
3. Mind Vision Invocation
4. Mysteries of the Heart
5. Water of Forgiveness
6. Darkness into Light
7. Deep Earth Chant

Production Credits:

All music composed and arranged by Yuval Ron
All vocals performed by Úyanga Bold
Brien Engle - Glass harp (Ethereal Voyage)
Andrew Carney - Flugelhorn (Voice of Freedom)
Chugge Khan - Jaw Harp (Voice of Freedom)
James Hood - PanArt Hang (Mind Vision Invocation)
Shye Ben Tzur - Bansuri flute and vocals (Mysteries of the Heart)
Pandit Nayan Ghosh – Sitar (Water of Forgiveness)
Dennis Karmazyn – Cello (Darkness into Light)
Kenneth Goff – Gongs (Deep Earth Chant)
Andjru Werderitsch – Didgeridoo (Deep Earth Chant)

Drones programming for all tracks: Christopher Whotherspoon and Yuval Ron
Music prep and editing: Zac Rosenblum
Recorded in studios in Mumbai and Jaisalmer,
India; Tel Aviv, Israel; Atlanta, Georgia;
Los Angeles; Topanga Canyon; and Grass Valley, CA.
Mixed at Yuval Ron Music, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Mastering: Ben Leinbach

Produced by Yuval Ron
Cover design: Yael Pardess
Executive Producer: Dr. Richard Gold
Published by Metta Mindfulness Music (ASCAP)
(C) Yuval Ron
(P) 2021 Metta Mindfulness Music


"Beautiful, astonishing, and transcendent music!”
- Peter Kelsey, Sound Mixer, Los Angeles, CA

"A NoHo Arts music interview of music artist Yuval Ron."
- By Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

"...a larger-than-life composed meditative score...with precision and beautiful emotion."
- Writer: Layla Marino, Publication: Your EDM

"A gorgeous respite from the cacophony of modern life and a gateway to the realm beyond....deep sense of calm and communion with the natural world….a hypnotic groundwork for introspection.
Sacred Spiral offers meditative music from some of the world's top performers."
- Jon C. Ireson,

"…truly transcendental… These deeply intentional healing sounds are infused with ancient wisdom and perfect for meditation, yoga, mindfulness, creativity or relaxation….this is so much more than music.”
- RJ Frometa, Vents magazine

“Along with Bold’s astounding voice, the album is full of enchanting colours and deep emotions, invoking the languages of spirit and material worlds as one. It offers music beyond borders, styles, genres, or categories, leading the listener on a deep and moving journey within….These deeply intentional sounds are infused with ancient wisdom and perfect for meditation, yoga, mindfulness, creativity or relaxation.”
- Darryl Sterdan,

"a real sense of majesty and wonder, almost cinematic in its scope, and resonates on an emotional level….enlightening music…Bold is an interesting vocalist, with a rich tone and a range of expression, from a throaty lower end to a liquid higher range, a whisper to an urgent shout"

"a tour of the world that goes well beyond the tangible or material….meditative and evocative of spirituality…..listen and engage and relax, transcend or transform."
- Germar Derron,

"Sacred Spiral offers deeply spiritual effusions of sound and color, while the superb voice of Úyanga Bold perfectly complements the music of Yuval Ron.
Simultaneously numinous and alluringly beautiful. Úyanga Bold’s voice has to be heard to be fully appreciated: light, airy, luminous, and exquisitely gorgeous.”

"Their purposeful and intentionally healing collaboration and immersive journey through ancient sacred sounds are the perfect balance of vibrations and whispering prayerful elemental odes. I will play this now when I do yoga, but also when I sit and meditate, when I need to extract myself from the seemingly endless throngs of negativity all around us. And perhaps, before I sleep, to fade into the folds of loveliness of this gorgeous soulful sound, lifted by Úyanga’s timeless voice. “
- Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros,

“ A healing experience that capitalizes on meditation and mindfulness… illustrious and meticulously crafted…”
- Jonathan Frahm,

“Uniquely powerful arsenal…meditative awe…striking vocal work of Úyanga Bold…Best of Feb 2022”
- Mike Mineo,

"International in perspective and spiritual in approach, this album will leave the listener in peace and clarity. ….. its warm, soothing, flowing harmonies over 72 minutes can serve generally in meditation, hatha yoga, relaxation, and also creative projects. Rating: 5 Stars out of 5.
- Dr. Debra Jan Bibel, top reviewer

“Music that has the substance that you can listen to, but also delivers sounds that will do the relaxation/meditation purpose with a spiritual tonality within"

“Perfect for Sound Bathing…perfect for meditation or reflection”
- VJ,

“....both classic and contemporary, meditative and curious. Conceived as a tool for wellness, reflection, introspection, relaxation, and creativity, it is intended to help the mind align with the body. But it does so in a pleasantly unexpected way.”
- Liz Publika,

“...enchanting and otherworldly, ethereal and spiritual, with powerful cinematic heft.”
- By Will Oliver, "We All Want Someone To Shout For"