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METTA MUSIC MEDICINE SERIES Vol. 3 Relieve Indigestion

METTA MUSIC MEDICINE SERIES Vol. 3 Relieve Indigestion

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Sound Remedy for Soothing Heartburn

Music Composed by Yuval Ron
Produced by Dr. Richard Gold and Yuval Ron

Brain Entrainment Music!
Each volume includes an embedded musical pulse which will synchronize with the listener’s brain waves and modulate it to Alpha wave frequencies, resulting in increased relaxation.

Contains a 10-minute music track

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Greetings and welcome to this healing sound experience: Relieve Indigestion, Sound Remedy for Soothing Heartburn.

As you start to listen to this beautiful soundscape, find a comfortable position and begin to purposefully breath deeply into your abdomen. With each focused breath, you will notice your thoughts begin to slow down and you will feel more comfortable in your upper abdominal region.

This graceful musical composition is based upon the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine five element theory and the important recent discoveries of modern neuroscience.

Invoking the healing energy of the wood and earth elements, this music will help you find relief and comfort in the digestive areas of your upper abdomen.

The length of this track is 10 minutes. If you wish to have a longer healing experience, we encourage you to loop the track and listen to it as long as you like.

We always recommend to listen to wav files via good stereo speakers or high end bluetooth stereo speaker. Dr Gold also recommends to listen to healing music via both stereo speakers and headphones at the same time for optimal amount of sound vibrations affecting the body and mind.


Bass: Miles Jay
Oud: Yuval Ron
Vocal healing sounds of the Chinese Five Elements and Qi Gong breathing: Dr. Richard Gold
Keyboards, sound design and programming: Yuval Ron and William Stanbro
Sound editing and mixing: Yuval Ron and Eiji John Mitsuta
Music preparation, Brain entrainment pulse programming and production coordination: Wesley Hughes

Recorded and Mixed at Yuval Ron Music Studios, Studio City, CA 91604, USA.