Heal Me @40hz for Mixed Choir

Heal Me @40hz for Mixed Choir

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Award-winning composer Yuval Ron’s new work “Heal me @ 40Hz”, a song cycle for acapella mixed choir for brain health, is the first choral work at 40Hz tuning ever to be composed, recorded and performed. Yuval’s new work composed to Hebrew lyrics from Biblical healing prayers, was given its world premiere on January 18, 2024, with a soulful and tender performance by the BYU Singers, under the direction of conductor Dr Andrew Crane. 40hz tuning refers to a musical tuning at A= 427.15 Hz which yields E1 to be exactly at 40hz, the healing frequency required for 40Hz sound therapy. Based on scientific research at MIT, Stanford and other highly respected research centers., 40Hz sound therapy has been shown to improve cognitive function and reduce symptoms of chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.  Some studies have shown a positive impact on focus and concentration, and even on sleep, if the 40Hz sound is utilized 3 hours before sleep.

This album contains 9 musical pieces, each approximately 5 minutes in length. The music tracks on this album include

  • 3 tracks of Choral only mixes (without added 40Hz tones)
  • 3 tracks of 40Hz mixes with the 40Hz tone played by string bass section tuned at 40Hz
  • 3 tracks of Brain Entrainment mix with Binaural Beats yielding 40Hz tone in the listener’s brain. To achieve the binaural effect, the listener must utilize headphones.
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Listen to the 40Hz Bass mixes via speakers or headphones for 40 minutes a day.

And/or listen to the Binaural Beats mix via headphones for 40 minutes a day.

For optimal impact, use headphones to listen to all 9 tracks in one seating, for a total time of 45 minutes a day, (3 different mixes, each mix has 3 parts, totaling in 9 tracks with total time of 45 minutes.)


Music Composed by Yuval Ron
BYU Singers, Dr Andrew Crane, conductor

SOPRANO 1: McKenzie Bahr, Shelby Laycock, Becca Miess, Madison Paez, Allie Smith
SOPRANO 2: Caroline Busselberg, Samantha Gordon, Anna Low, Louisa Porter, Whitney Shurtliff
ALTO 1: Camilla Anderson, Mckay Cancienne, Marie Davis, Nicole Dayton, Claire Miranda
ALTO 2: Amelia Davis, Julia Gee, Hannah Klassen, Lauren Lambourne, Sophie Larsen, Gaby Soto
TENOR 1: Stevie Dugdale, Dallin Hwang, Luke Johnson, James Monson, Ethan Simpson
TENOR 2: Jinxin Fu, Aaron Hayne, Matthew Paez, Brixtin Walker
BARITONE: Spencer Baldwin, Trace Glick, David Kime, Brian Pappal, Blake Wayment
BASS: Andrew Fellows, Alex Keogh, Daniel LeCheminant, Christian Nicholas, Michael Wells, Lucas Zuehl

Executive Producer: Dr Richard Gold
Recording engineer: Michael Cottle
Score Preparation: Leon Chen
Assistants to Yuval Ron: Grace Bingham, Leon Chen, Nicco Hilgendorf

Recording on Jan 18-19 2024 at BYU recital Hall, Music Building, Provo, YT

Album cover design: Nick Salerno
Photos: Dr Richard Gold and Sandefur Schmidt

Published by Metta Mindfulness Music

© Yuval Ron (ASCAP)
(p) Mettamindfulnessmusic.com (ASCAP)


“Truly beautiful and healing music!”
– Jeffrey Bernstein, Director, Pasadena Master Chorale

“Magnificent music”
– Ben Leinbach, record producer

“It was great to see how the audience reacted. I could see their faces light up when we sang. The main takeaway I had during this experience is that there are so many different aspects of music and it can be used in so many different ways. It was meaningful to be a part of a project that was meant to heal people.”
- Blake Wayment, BYU Singers

“A world class piece! Well knitted to cut across the very citadel of the soul and heal it"
-Richard Blaire, CEO and Founder, Mama Dorika's Island Of Happiness, Uganda Charity NGO

"The music is really striking and haunting in sound. Congratulations to you, and how great that you found a choir perfectly suited to interpreting the intention and meaning behind your beautiful piece.“
Joseph & Meredith Salamunovich

"It is exceptional, amazing, beyond, so exciting. I love that choir and I love the music. It is a whole new level of music for the world that is healing, empowering and unifying.”
Rota Glassman, NY

“Absolutely gorgeous!!!”
Peter Kelsey, Mixing and Re-Recording Engineer, Los Angeles