Guided meditations For Healing And Resilience

Guided meditations For Healing And Resilience

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Guided Meditations for Healing and Resilience

This course includes seven guided meditations written and narrated by world re-known physician and healer, Dr. Linda Friedland.

Dr. Friedland’s distinguished career includes an early interest in preventative medicine, mindfulness practices and sound healing. Each guided meditation is accompanied by the exquisite music of Yuval Ron that is informed by modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom traditions.
These guided meditations are focused on the primary challenges to well being that are faced by most of humanity. There is also included a seventh meditation directed to serving the future of humanity: “Guided Meditation for a Healthy Pregnancy’.
Drawing on her experience as a clinical physician and expert communicator, Dr. Friedland guides the listener into a deep state of relaxation and then utilizes visualization techniques to deeply embed her essential healing messages into the consciousness of the listener. These guided meditations will help strengthen you body, mind and spirit.

Contains 7 tracks of guided meditation with music, one for each day

Dr. Linda Friedland
Dr. Friedland has dedicated her career to preventative medicine, mindfulness practices, and sound healing.
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