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Deep Comfort

Deep Comfort

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This cozy and comforting track is embedded with Theta Waves binaural beats which is linked to REM sleep, reduced anxiety, relaxation, as well as meditative and creative states. The music composition is informed by neuroscience research and traditional medicine, which aims to relieve stomachaches and promote a soothing sensation in the belly - just like a cozy cup of herbal tea.

Composed by Yuval Ron and in consultation with Dr. Richard Gold.

Contains a 15-minute music track

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This music contains Brain Entrainment Binaural Beats so headphones are recommended. For listening to music during sleep time, there are special headphones that are more comfortable and better for use than regular headphones or earbuds during sleep. These sleep headphones are widely available online.

The album or track can be looped and played softly in the background while falling asleep, and the music can play in the background throughout the night, or a timer can be used to turn it off once the person is already in a deep sleep. Some of our users report experiencing great results when sleeping all night with the music playing in the background.

We always recommend to listen to wav files via good stereo speakers or high end bluetooth stereo speaker. Dr Gold also recommends to listen to healing music via both stereo speakers and headphones at the same time for optimal amount of sound vibrations affecting the body and mind.