Voyage Through The Chakras ™

Voyage through the Chakras

A Double Album


Written and Narrated by Lucinda Clare
Music by Yuval Ron
With Mantra Chanting by Prof. Dr. Svami Purna

Disk 1: Guided Meditations to Transform Your Life


Disk 2: Musical Journey through the Chakras



Featuring: Shye Ben Tzur, Pandit Nayan Ghosh, James Hood, Yuval Ron, Chugge Khan, Dennis Karmazyn, Andrew Carney, Brien Engle and Kenneth Goff

Produced by Dr. Richard Gold, Lucinda Clare and Yuval Ron

Published by Metta Mindfulness Music (ASCAP) Guided Meditations text copyright by Lucinda Clare (C) (P)
2018 Metta Mindfulness Music

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The Chakra system represents one of the great gifts from ancient India and yogic culture. Originating from Sanskrit, the sacred language of ancient India, the word Chakra literally translates as Dzwheeldz. Each Chakra functions as a vortex of spinning energy influencing the physiological and neurological systems in the body. These energy centers within the human body help to regulate all its processes, from organ functions, gland functions, the immune system and the emotions. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency and location that is depicted through a specific chakra color and tone and governs specific physiologic, emotional and spiritual functions Throughout history, various ways of influencing and balancing the Chakras have been devised and explored, including yoga, mantra Chanting, foods, herbs and sound vibration. An important part of the mission of Metta Mindfulness Music is to utilize beautiful original music to honor and integrate ancient spiritual traditions into contemporary culture and practice. On the advice and teachings of masters of sound healing in India, the creative team of Metta Mindfulness Music carefully chose the instruments and quality of each original composition to positivelyinfluence the vibration of each individual Chakra. World re-knownacoustic musicians were invited to participate and lend their musical skills and intuition to the production. Each Chakra features an originalcomposition created by award winning composer, Yuval Ron. Our goal is to provide a cross cultural experience that appeals to a variety of listening tastes while still remaining true to the intent and wisdom of the ancient traditions.

Unique to the previous productions of Metta Mindfulness Music, this production features the option of choosing guided meditations for each Chakra. The guided meditations are original writings by Lucinda Clare. In addition, Lucinda lends her exquisite voice as the narrator of her own writings. Lucinda will guide the listener on a profound journey of awareness and personal experience of each Chakra. Each Chakra also has a version that is just instrumental as part of this two CD set.

My hope is that each listener is able to experience a deep experience of self-awareness and a sense of the uniqueness of each of the energy centers as depicted by the Chakra system.
My listening advice is to follow your own intuition. At times, you might want to listen to all 7 narrated tracks in order, from root to crown. Other times, you might choose to just listen to the instrumental tracks.Once you become more familiar with the production and your own Chakras and take into account what aspect of your being you wish to influence, you can simply pick and choose which track(s) to listen to and experience. You might wish to make a playlist of your own and repeat certain tracks that appeal to you most. Ultimately, you are the director and conductor of your own soundtrack.


Dr. Richard Gold
San Diego, California

Voyage through the Chakras is musical medicine for the soul.
Lucinda Clare’s visionary approach to guided meditations will take you on a poetic journey to transformation.
With sublime music by Yuval Ron, performed by world-renowned musicians and with embedded subliminal affirmations by Dr. Richard Gold, this album will entrain your brain to its natural state of inner peace.
Mantras whispered by the Himalayan Master, Svami Purna, guide the soul toward illumination. For best results listen daily for 40 days, and then repeat as often as desired...

Tracks List:
Disk 1: Guided Meditations to Transform Your Life

1. Root Chakra Guided Meditation
2. Sacral Chakra Guided Meditation
3. Solar Chakra Guided Meditation
4. Heart Chakra Guided Meditation
5. Throat Chakra Guided Meditation
6. Third Eye Chakra Guided Meditation
7. Crown Chakra Guided Meditation

Disk 2: Musical Journey through the Chakras

1. Root Chakra (featuring Kenneth Goff - Gongs)
2. Sacral Chakra (featuring Pandit Nayan Ghosh - Sitar and Yuval Ron - Oud)
3. Solar Chakra (featuring Dennis Karmazyn - Cello)
4. Heart Chakra (featuring Shye Ben Tzur - Bansuri flute and Vocals)
5. Throat Chakra (featuring Andrew Carney - Flugelhorn and Chugge Khan - Jaws Harp)
6. Third Eye Chakra (featuring James Hood - PanArt Hang)
7. Crown Chakra (featuring Brien Engle - Glass Harmonica)

All music composed and arranged by Yuval Ron except for Third Eye Chakra composed by Yuval Ron and James Hood.

Drones programming:
Christopher Whotherspoon and Yuval Ron

Production Coordination and Music preparation: Francisco Lorenzo Alonso
Research assistant: Wing Nok Cheung
Assistant to Yuval Ron: Harold Felipe Baron
Cover Design: Ania Diakoff

I want to thank and acknowledge all the marvelous musicians who contributed to this production. As three recording sessions were done remotely in India and Israel, I want to thank the engineers in these countries who cooperated so wonderfully to make these sessions successful. I want to thank Lucinda Clare for her profound writings and beautiful narrations. It is impossible to fully express in words my gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to work creatively with Yuval Ron. I will simply say...thank you, Yuval for allowing me to be your co-creator of Metta Mindfulness Music. Our work together has enriched my life and nourished my spirit beyond my imagination.

I am complete and at one with the Divine.

Third Eye:
I am attuned to the divine universal wisdom and understand the true meaning of all life.

My truth comes from the Highest wisdom and I express it easily and honestly.

Love is the answer to everything in life, and I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally.

Solar Plexus:
I am powerful, confident, free and I am aligned with Divine grace to fulfill my mission on earth.

I am radiant, beautiful, strong and enjoy a healthy and passionate life.

I am a divine being of light, I am peaceful, protected and secure.

“Glorious meditations. Transformative. Majestic. Magic. This is important, exquisite, healing treasure!”

Renée Zellweger, Academy Award-winning actress

"Voyage Through the Chakras is a beautifully created and crafted work of art that contains such a wide depth and wonderful flow of tranquil but purposeful music. I personally would recommend this album to anyone who seeks to find their borderlands of inner peace."

Budiman, Terra

"For me this latest release by Yuval Ron is as essential to as fresh air, this is divine in every aspect of the word. A double disc that features the talents of a multitude of artists and on disc one via the guided meditation of Lucinda Claire, is a release that should become part of everyone’s daily meditational routines.

"The answer to your next question is yes, as soon as we received the album we played the disc and followed the guided meditation to great effect, while on disc 2, you will be able to literally sound bathe in a deep but utterly blissful seventy minutes plus of ambience.

"Yuval Ron has produced something so very powerful and healing with this offering and for me a panacea of musical delights that I could float with and immerse myself into the tones of the Gongs of Kenneth Goff, or the Sitar of Pandit Nayan Ghosh, all day and night long. The Cello of Dennis Karmazyn gives me an opportunity to embrace and balance my ego, while the amazing Bansuri Flute of Shye Ben Tzur allows me to connect with my heart chakra and release.

"Voyage Through the Chakras isn’t just any new age album, it is a beautifully created and crafted work of art that contains such a wide depth and wonderful flow of tranquil but purposeful music. I personally would recommend this album to anyone who seeks to find their borderlands of inner peace. Yuval Ron and his team on this album have probably produced the ultimate meditative album of the century thus far and, as such it is totally recommended."

Steve Sheppard

"The Chakra system represents one of the great gifts from ancient India and yogic culture. Originating from Sanskrit, the sacred language of ancient India, the word Chakra literally translates as Dzwheeldz. Each Chakra functions as a vortex of spinning energy influencing the physiological and neurological systems in the body.

"Life happens and brings us gifts when different causes and individuals paths intersect. That is exactly what happened when Meta Mindfulness Music, Yuval Ron (instrumentation) and Lucinda Clare (voice on CD 1) pooled their resources and created a two-CD set titled Voyage Through The Chakras.

"My focus is the music on CD2, which is all the backing music on CD1 while Lucinda guides you through the selected meditations. I use the music to guide me to another place and always have. In this instance, I find it much more interesting to hear both sides of the project and one separate part or parts. Lucinda is A well-known actress and Yuval Ron is an award-winning musician, lecturer, and author. When you are invited to play your music for the Dalai Lama you have reached an apex in your career! What a great honor. I read from a book that quotes the Dalai’s inspirational words of wisdom for every day. I have found it enlightening and so very simple and true.

"As it mentions on the one-sheet that came with the Voyage Through The Chakras CD, this is music for the soul. I honestly believe all music is for the soul - to heal it, energize and just put a smile inside you. Music, good music, is the path to better wellbeing.

"Yuval Ron is a multi-talented artisan and he has many friends that help him with the amazing soundtrack to the heavens that awaits you. You will hear Gongs, Oud, Cello, Bansuri Flute, Jaws Harp, Flugelhorn, Sitar and Glass Harmonica, the list is quite extensive. It is literally like walking into a different world, all created by sounds, chanting and then some necessary focus and concentration by the listener is the only requirement. With those thoughts in mind prior to listening you will hopefully discover your own nirvana. There are even detailed instructions on the label website if you want to find out more prior to listening (take a few minutes to look at the video provided here as well).

"Voyage Through The Chakras opens the door and it is up to you to walk through and discover what you came for."

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
New Age Music Reviews

"... Regarding the purely instrumental Disc 2, not since Tony Scott's Music for Zen Meditation has there been such a potent series of representations of the spiritual path and development. This music, as the chakras, are metaphoric representations of physical-spiritual growth and evolution. Yuval Ron, composer, musician, and artistic director, has gathered some talented musicians to help create these beautiful and profound tracks that tap into the psyche: Kenneth Goff (gongs); Pandit Nayan Ghose (sitar); Dennis Karmazyn (cello), Andrew Carney (flugelhorn); James Hood (PanArt hang), Brien Engle (glass harmonica), and from the band Rajasthan Express, Shye Ben Tzur (bansuri flute & vocals) and Chugge Khan (jaw harp), and Christropher Whotherspoon (electronic drone programming). While the music alone should evoke particular groups of associations individually shaped and interpreted, for myself the series begins raw and earthy and prehistoric, advancing to aspects of change, movement, creation and creativity, leading to the human-voiced cello — rhapsodic, romantic, and reverent — and the features of humanity, such as community, the sciences and arts, and civilization. The fourth track suggests the need for introspection, the rise of religion, of seeking and exploring, with bird songs indicative of music as a spiritual vehicle. After clarity and first insights and philosophy, comes via the hollowness of the pan states of bliss, calm, and egoless form and process, with the mutual connectivity of things. Finally, the glass harmonica brings emptiness, potentiality, eternal timelessness, and being beyond opposites. Other people will surely have different associations, interpretations, and feelings, but the different compositions and arrangements do shift moods and are powerful in supporting contemplation.

"Disc 2, the guided series of presentations written and finely narrated by Lucinda Clare, actress and voice over artist, includes Richard Gold's subliminal affirmations [e.g., I am complete and one with the Divine; I am powerful, confident, free and I am aligned with Divine grace] and whispered mantras by Svami Purna. This disc is best for absolute beginners in spiritual introspection and for those who require certain structures and examples of imagery and thoughts. I find it gilding the lily and doctrinaire, but it may prove helpful before exploring the wordless territory."

Dr. Debra Jan Bibel Customer Review

"…there was a time (many years ago) when I was introduced to the power that music can exert on a broken soul, as a part of my therapy… I’ve listened to many such albums since that time, and can honestly say that this album transcends nearly all of them, melding Lucinda’s spoken art with the beautiful music of many other players she brought along with her on this journey. Be sure you SUBSCRIBE to the “Metta Mindfulness Music” channel, too.

"This is also a double album, so you get (well) over two hours of wonderment… one of my personal favorites is the instrumental version of “Root Chakra“, featuring Kenneth Goff… you can hear universes moving on this splendid 10:14 excursion.

"Lucinda’s serene performance on “Third Eye Chakra Guided Meditation” literally had chills running up and down my spine… an exquisite marraige of the spoken word with music that speaks with the full power of our being… simple, but magically beautiful!
I have no doubt that my therapist (of forty years ago) would embrace this album for the healing power it projects, and that’s especially true on pieces like my personal favorite of the fourteen offered up, “Crown Chakra Featuring Brien Engle“, which closes out the second CD… it brings to mind celestial choirs of angels, and is full of musical power.

"I give Lucinda, Yuval and all the players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this wonderful aural journey. Get more information at the Metta Mindfulness Music website."

Dick Metcalf
Contemporary Fusion Reviews